24 Countries in EURO 2016


24 Countries in EURO 2016


24 Countries in EURO 2016 – EURO CUP this year might be more thrilling of you tried to do sports betting. There are more teams added in the matches and it means there are more probabilities for new favorite teams. Have you decided which team that is going to be the champion of your heart? You might have had your favorite team last tournament, but who knows you want to see other great team’s struggle this time. For choosing new favorite team, we have to know which countries are now qualified to join the EURO 2016. If you have not caught up the latest information about the 24 countries in EURO 2016, read along and get ready for thrilling matches.

Getting to know more on the 24 countries in EURO 2016

Before being said to be qualified in the EURO 2016, play-off matches were held since September 7th to October 14th 2015. There are 53 countries that had to be fighting in the tournament before finally having the right to join the final tournament in EURO 2016 on June 10th to July 10th 2016. Those 53 teams were divided into 9 groups and there was only one group that consisted of 5 teams. The form of the match used full competition system. So, it applied 2 legs. It means that each team met twice and had home-away in one group. In the last play-off matches, there were 3 positions. Rank 1 and 2 plus 1 team in rank 3 which sits as the best in all groups. Those are the countries that deserve going to the final tournament of EURO 2016. The result will shows in different trusted soccer gambling sites of all the result of 24 teams in Euro 2016. The names of those countries now published in every website on EURO 2016. So, start from now, you might be able to decide which team deserves to be supported.

The 24 countries in EURO 2016 will be divided into 6 groups and in each group there will be 4 teams. Those 24 countries consist of 18 participants from the qualification matches plus 1 team and the other 4 that become the winners of the play-off matches as well as 1 more team from France as the host. Here are some groups that fought in the qualification matches. In Group A are Czech Republic, Iceland, Turkey, Netherlands, Kazakhstan and Latvia. We have Belgium, Wales, Bosnia, Cyprus and Andorra in Group B. While in Group C, there are Spain, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Luxembourg and Macedonia. Group D will be filled by Germany, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, Georgia and Gibraltar. Curious who are in the Group E? They are England, Switzerland, Slovenia, Estonia, Lithuania and San Mario. In Group F we have North Ireland, Romania, Hungary, Finland, Faroe Island and Greece. Next, what you need is probably the schedule that shows the time and the stadiums. You can search the names of all stadiums that are going to be places for the matches in the internet. Knowing the stadiums can help you decide which hotel is the most appropriate one to stay during the EURO 2016.

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