Arema Won on Persipura

Arema Won on Persipura

Sudirman Cup met Arema and Persipura in Sleman, Yogyakarta. Arema Cronus first won in half round- 8th round in the Indonesian Championship Sudirman Cup. Faced the Persipura Jayapura, Arema won 1-0 to the penalty kick by Samson Arif. They competed in Maguwo Harjo Stadium in Sleman, Yogyakarta, and last Sunday 13 December 2015 at the local time. The winning goal by Arema was created in the 11th minute. The referee pointed the spot which is following a foul which is done by Bio Pauline toward Kiko Insa in the box. And then Samson appeared as an executor and successfully delivered Febriansyah to the keeper in the wrong direction. So, Arema lead 1-0 toward Persipura. Persipura immediately responded by doing intense pressures to Arema. The ‘Black Pearl” obtained the dangerous chance when Christopher Sibi fired the kick, even though the ball can’t be pushed over by the goal keeper, I Made Ward. Unfortunately, when Persipura tried to catch up the goal, Persipura lost Bio Paulin. Bio Paulin expelled from the football match after receiving the second yellow card for a foul to Esteban Viscara. Before the break time, Persipura pressed the defense of Arema again. This is the time for Ferry Pahabol to shoot from outside the box. But unfortunately, the ball was still failed. The Arema victory was determined through the penalty goal in the eleventh minute by Arif Samson. Persipura addressed goal with attack outside the box. Actually they got a golden opportunity through Christoper Sibi left-footed shot in the 17th minute.  After that, Persipura had to struggle heavier because Bio Paulin received the yellow card for the second time. Despite leaving only ten players, it’s not necessary for Persipura to attack in slow way.

In the post half time, Persipura pressed Arema again. Pahabol gave the feedback breakthrough, but the ball can be caught easily by Made Wirawan. A golden opportunity can’t be failed by Arema. Starting from the free kick, Ahmad Bustomi fired a shot but the shot hit in the Persipura crossbar. In the 84th minute both of the teams were playing in 10 players, because of the following red card which was received by Arema player, Hendro Siswanto. The football match was getting fun and surprised in the injury time. The unrest situation by the supporters happened in the field because the supporters threw the fireworks onto the pitch. Then the referee stopped the match for a moment before it was resumed. Until the long whistle signaled the game was ended, there is no additional goal created by those two teams. Arema entitled to a 1-0 win and they sat in the second place winner in group E after Pusamania Borneo FC, in the match before beating Surabaya United 2-0. Persipura coach, Osvaldo Lessa said that his team had played well in this match. The absence of Boas was really influence the game.

This match was won by Arema Cronus 1-0 by Samsul Arif in the 11th minutes. Here they are the player of Arema Cronus Made Ward, Wahyudi, Purwaka, Kiko Insa, Irawan, Permana, Revi, Bustomi, Vizcarra; Samson Arif, Gonzales, and the coach is Joko Suilo. And for Persipura, the players are Ferdinand, Tinus Pae, Ricardo Salampessy, Paulin, Pangkali, Nelson Alom, Wanggai, Kabes, Pugliara, Osvaldo Haay, Sibi and the coach is Osvaldo Lessa.

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