Belgium and its Record of EURO from Time to Time


Belgium and its Record of EURO from Time to Time

Belgium and its Record of EURO from Time to Time – The great passion in football often makes us feel that really interested in getting the information about football especially the international football. That becomes such a good idea for us to get the up to date info about the event of the international football as like what we can show now about the EUFA EURO 2016. That event is going to be held in this year, which is in June ten until July ten. The world has been waiting for this event, especially the people who are in love with football. Enjoying all info about the event will give us the great chance for having so much fun. If you are also in love with football, it also can be a great opportunity for following every single detail of the info about this event. Even though the event is going to be held starts from couples of months later, we can also get the info about the preparation there. It might not be that difficult since the preparation is from last year and we can enjoy it. That also has been chosen the result of the teams that already qualify and will be in France for EURO ’16. We can get a lot of information about them including about the squad that will make them strong. Every single thing about the teams and also about this event becomes the hot topic right now related to EURO ’16. Almost all media of sport news and information always have its own category of EURO ’16 and we can get the info there.

From a lot of the sources, of course many of us have known the about the teams that will play in EURO this year. As we have mentioned, there are 24 teams which qualify. Then, they are divided in six groups. They are groups of four. One of the teams which will be there is Belgium which is listed to play in Group E. They will be three others, Sweden, Republic of Ireland, and Italy who will be in this group. Belgium is not participating in the first Euro or in ’60. Then, in the ’64 and ’65, they are participating but unfortunately they did not qualify. Then, in the year of ’72, they are on the third place of EURO. When we are seeing the record of this team in the event of EURO from time to time, actually they often did not qualify but of course they also have ever been in a good position of the achievement.

Belgium has been the runners up in EURO ’80. That is one of the good achievements which have been experienced by this team. Of course it does mean that they can reach the better for this year’s opportunity in EURO. At least, in this moment, they are able to be passed the qualification and will be in France to enjoy the great match of the international football. It is a good achievement as well. The formation of the squad is already obtained, of course with series of the great selection procedures.

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