Casino Betting System That Never Loses

Casino Betting System That Never Loses

In order to produce a huge sum of profits, many gamblers have been developing numerous betting systems. Many bettors have even claimed that the betting systems they have created are full-proof. They say that this is the casino betting system that never loses.

Casino Betting System That Never Loses

Casino Betting System That Never Loses
Casino Betting System That Never Loses

What is a Betting System?

It is better if we understand what a betting system is. This is important because it can help us determine whether there is any betting system that never loses. Betting systems is a method to manage one’s bankroll in order to produce profits for the owner. Thus, a casino betting system strives to gain a sum of money and prevents the owner to leave the game empty-handed.

In order to achieve these objectives, players adjust their bets size throughout the gambling session. Some methods can be applied. Players can either keep the bets size same, increase or decrease them. The betting systems are categorized according to these methods.

Bet Everything I Have

This is actually cannot be considered as a betting system. Nonetheless, many people have tried this method. Some lucky people have been able to double their capital using this way. Yet, most people lost money. This method can indeed provide a big profit, yet if one loses, he loses everything as well.

The Fixed Betting System

As the name suggests, this betting system dictates that players must keep their bets size same throughout a gambling session. This betting system cannot give you a fast and big profit, especially if you keep your bet size small. However, this betting system is much safer than the others. You can slow down the loss rate while collecting small, steady profits.

Positive Progressive Betting Systems

These betting systems work by raising the next wager after you win the previous bet and decreasing the bet size after you lose. These systems are relatively harmless, especially if you have an early hot streak. The aims of these systems are to maximize the profits and to cut losses. However, you cannot count on them since you cannot predict whether a streak occur. The examples are the reverse martingale, reverse paroli, reverse labouchere, and reverse d’alembert.

Negative Progressive Betting Systems

In contrast to their counterparts, these betting systems work by reducing the next wager after you win the previous bet and raising the bet size after you lose. These systems aim to chase losses. Those who use these systems believe that after experiencing a long losing streak, they will eventually win. This is a stupid, baseless belief which leads to bankruptcy. The examples are the martingale, Fibonacci, paroli, labouchere, and d’alembert.

Proportional Betting System

This system states that player must wager a fraction of the bankroll in proportion to the edge. The bet size would be the edge which is divided by the odds. If the bet wins, the next bet will be increased based on the same percentage that is applied to the new bankroll size. This betting size is safer than the progressive betting systems. Although it is a bit riskier compared to the fixed betting system, it can produce bigger profits.

Unfortunately, there is no casino betting system that never loses. You cannot find any system which guarantees you to win 100%. Frankly speaking, some betting systems makes you go broke more quickly. Fortunately, there are a few betting systems which allow you to build your bankroll little by little.

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