Euro 2016 Finalists and Venues


The Euro 2016 is coming next year. This big event will be held next June in France. Are you getting exited with it and plan to get the tickets for the game? Well, before you browse for the ticket available, you must find out more about it. With this knowledge, you will enable you to choose the best ticket of the game.

Finalists of Euro 2016

There are 24 finalists that are divided into 6 groups. Here are the groups:

–       Group A

This group includes France, Romania, Albania, and Switzerland. Albania is a debutants. Its prospect may not be as good as other finalists in the group. France and Romania has greater prospects in this group. However, Switzerland may give some surprise to the other finalists.

–       Group B

It consists of England, Russia, Wales, and Slovakia. England seems to have better prospect than the previous Euro tournament. It is thanks to the younger players. It is the first appearance for Slovakia with Wales as debutants for the ‘final’. Meanwhile, it is predicted that Russia will get better fortune with Leonid Slutsky in charge.

–       Group C

Poland, Germany, Ukraine, and Northern Ireland are the finalist in group C. Germany is among the favorite finalists among France. Meanwhile, Ukraine can cause frustration for its rival on the field. Northern Ukraine is the debutants on this group. And Poland can be dangerous for other team.

–       Group D

This group consists of Spain, Turkey, Croatia, and Czech Republic. Spain is, of course, the favorite in this group. Meanwhile, the bad start from Turkey has made people pessimistic about this team. The technical ability of Croatia must be wary about. And it is predicted that there is not much anticipated from the Czech Republic due to its local players.

–       Group E

It consists of Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland, and Sweden. FIFA has just awarded Belgium as the world best country. Republic of Ireland can be pretty impressive next year. While there’s not much said about Italy under the experimentation of Antonio Conte. And some people do not have high hopes for Sweden due to its dependence of the only bright star, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

–       Group F

Portugal, Iceland, Austria, and Hungary are the finalists of this group. Iceland is the debutants in this group. Some experts are not very sure with the prospect of Portugal. But, among the rivals in the group, this team may be the winner of the group. Austria has remarkable qualification and it can be a tough rivals for other finalist. Hungary has pretty bad prospects since their players are not very experienced in top European leagues.

Euro 2016 venues

The football games will be held in 10 stadiums across France. These stadiums have capacity from 33,000 to 81,000 spectators. Some of these stadiums are Stade de France, Parc des Princes, Stade des Lumieres, and Stade Velodrome. The biggest stadium in this list is Stade de France that can host more than 81,000 football lovers. With the last terror attack on this stadium, safety becomes a big issue for the Euro 2016.

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