How effective is the line bet at French live roulette

How effective is the line bet at French live roulette

Tracing its origin to the land of the French man, roulette is a game played mainly in casino online. The word itself is the French word for a small wheel. Players play by choosing on a set of options before finally placing their bets. These include, the size, color of the type of number. This is in the form of, is the number single or is it a group of numbers. Also they can choose to place bets on a color, whether black or red or even an odd or an even number.  Now let see How effective is the line bet at French live roulette is on online the variant.

How effective is the line bet at French live roulette


A croupier is a casino dealer who determines the winning number or color by spinning the little wheel in a given direction. After this, they would spin a ball in a different direction on a circular track that is tilted and runs around the given wheel. Once the ball loses its strength, it will definitely fall. The position it lands is what matters most as it determines the win and the scores.

How effective is the line bet at French live roulette
How effective is the line bet at French live roulette

A line bet

Line betting is also known as the margin betting. It is where a Bookmarker or croupier as in the case of casino gambling, attempts to handicap a team by placing a margin for the purposes of making the game equal cross both parties involved.

This kind of bet is used to increase outcomes where only two possible are possible. An example shall be used to further explain this concept. When a team is considered as a favorite and the one it plays against an underdog let’s say by 20 points, then the croupier can use these value of points to place a line bet.

The favorite strong team will be given a -20 whereas the weaker is given a +20. By so doing, equal odds are created and the strong team should win by more than 20 points or the underdog be within 20 points. For you to use this kind of betting you have two options either to use the market set line or the pick your own line option.

Using the line bet while playing French roulette

From the layout of the best online roulette game, using the line bet casino here is referred to as inside betting How effective is the line bet at French live roulette. The line betting hers borrows the margin concept from the general line bet itself. There are two line, each with three numbers therefore six numbers are used. A player then proceeds to put their betting chip at the junction formed by the two lines, if he hits any of the highlighted numbers he wins a payout. The odd for this is the fractional 5/1 odd. Whereas the player’s bet is multiplied by five to determine the payout.

This bet has a house edge of 5.26% on the American Roulette and a lower 2.63% in the French Roulette.  A house edge is present on any game that is of unequal chance. This percentage shows what a casino makes as returns from every spin a player on any unequal chance game makes. From this we see that one is better off playing the French Roulette compared to the American one, this is because most of the stake goes into their own pockets and not those of the casino.

The winning probability is also different between these two games, the probability is higher for the online french roulette. There are several systems and strategies one can employ in this bet to ensure that they win. The martingale strategy and the guetting progression use the getting slight variations on the even bets system.

Whereas the Martingale strategy suggest that a player should double their bets upon a loss, the guetting progression is a system that helps one to keep winning whenever  they are on that trend and to stop loosing if luck is not on their side. Combining all these systems and strategies makes the line betting quite a successful option for the French Roulette game.

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