Indonesia Won the Dubai World Super Series 2015

Indonesia Won the Dubai World Super Series 2015

The dramatic badminton tournament occurred in the race for the final ticket of Dubai World BWF Super Series Final 2015, in Dubai between Hendra Setiawan & Mohammad Ahsan, Indonesia and Lee Yong Dae & Yoo Yeon Seong, Korea. Finally, Hendra and Ahsan won the championship after playing three games with score 21-17; 22-24; and 21-15 in 69 minutes. In the first game, Hendra and Ahsan were successfully to deal with the match. betting online badminton Even though the scores are closed to the rival form Korea, the Indonesian men partner leaded from Lee and Yoo. In the game two, Hendra and Ahsan also continue to perform successfully the score. They were even winning to 20-17 on Lee and Yoo. But apparently the greatness of the double Korean can’t be ignored yet. They can follow the position in equal 20-20 and the won the score 24-22. And in the final game, the scores were quite same. The number of the score in the beginning of the third game is 9-9. And then Hendra & Ahsan run to leave Lee & Yoo. The games rose up and down from the world’s two big duel. Finally, Hendra and Ahsan won over Lee and Yoo 21-15. Hendra & Ahsan previously face Lee & You for eleven times. For the last meet is in the preliminary round, Hendra & Ahsan lose two games directly. In the final round of Dubai World Super Series 2015, Indonesia will be challenged with the partner form China Chai Biao & Hong Wei. The last record said that those partner were get in the same score in the other preliminary round in Dubai Destination BWF World Super Series Finals in 2014.

Finally for the Dubai BWF World Super Series Finals 2015, Hendra and Ahsan successfully won the championship. Hendra and Ahsan shared the key of their victory. They said that the key is communication and good focus in the match at that time. Hendra and Ahsan became the champions in Dubai after defeating the Chinese men pair Chai Biao and Hong Wei. They won three games with score 13-21, 21-14 and 21-14 during 53 minutes. In the first game, the China players played seriously and quickly. Then in the second game, Hendra and Ahsan tried to get up and play enjoy. Gita Wiryawan the Chairman of PBSI also appreciated the victory of both Hendra and Ahsan. Now Hendra and Ahsan are able to proof that badminton will raise with the great achievement. After winning the championship is Malaysia Open Super Series Premier in 2015, both Hendra and Ahsan also became the World Championship in 2015.

The title of Dubai World Super Series is the Super Series Final for both Hendra and Ahsan.  Earlier in 2013, Hendra and Ahsan were also successfully got the champions. While in the Super Series Final in 2014, Hendra and Ahsan only grabbed until the preliminary round. Five titles of Dubai BWF World Super Series Finals in 2015 divided into four countries. Japan got two titles for single man and woman through Kento Momoto and Nozomi Okuhara. Besides, the double China twins Luo Ying and Luo Yu and mixed doubles won by Chris Adcock and Gabrielle Adcock from Britain.

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