Meet the Euro 2016 Qualified Nations, a Guide to the 24 Finalists


Meet the Euro 2016 Qualified Nations, a Guide to the 24 Finalists

Meet the Euro 2016 Qualified Nations, a Guide to the 24 Finalists – Euro 2016 qualified nations have been determined and group division had been completed last month at the Palais des Congrès, France. The event which will be held from 10 June to 10 July 2016 is divided into six groups ranging from A to F.

The relatively equal draw created the competition in each group would be very difficult to predict. Then, which of the team is “basically the finished product” and which is “as attractive as a red rose blooming” and how are they qualified to be Euro 2016’s champion?

Group A: The boring team

France as the host has been confirmed in Group A since the beginning and will compete against Swiss and two of the most boring teams in the qualifiers, Romania and Albania. Although it looks like it facilitates French to advance to the next round, it looks much more difficult to predict the winner. Switzerland, Romania, and Albania, none of them is weak and poor, but it also does not mean that they are world-beaters. The matches between these three countries hold more intrigue than the host’s.

Group B: Where the civil war will occur

One of the most exciting games is a “civil war” between England and Wales. The match between the two countries in the United Kingdom is clearly not underestimated. It will be highlighted with prestige and high spirits. Little is expected of Slovakia in their second international tournament but it does not mean you can underestimate them. They are tactically versatile and can adapt to any situation. While the Russian qualifying campaign turned to be catastrophe that replace coach Fabio Capello with coach Leonid Slutsky in June to save the campaign.

Group C: The goal onslaught

If you seek the goal, group C is the right place. It filled with the top two teams in the Goal Thrill List, Poland and Germany, who will face each other at the Stade de France, making both teams to be too strong for Northern Ireland and Ukraine. But the must-see-game is the match between Ukraine vs. Poland because they save the best until the end.

Group D: The most balanced group

Arguably, the group which contains Spain, Czech Republic, Turkey and Croatia is the most balanced group. Although Spain has lost their aura, they are still one of the favorite team. With their tournament experience and the depth of their midfield, it will not be a surprise if they become the first team to three-peat in this competition. But the match between Turkey and Croatia is one of the most anticipated games after their meeting in the 2008 European Cup.

Group E: The deadly group

This group is considered the most stringent with Belgium, Italy, Republic of Ireland, and Sweden inside. Long has it been predicted that Belgium would rule the football’s world. They can get it if they do not just offer promises and potential but also the victory. While Italy still have not found the figure of a world-class striker. It would be difficult for Ireland this summer but with an expanded tournament, they can determine their own destiny against Italy on 22 June.

Group F: Austria and Ronaldo’s Portugal favorites

Obviously, Portugal is arguably the weakest team in spite of the steadied ship by Coach Fernando Santor since they still concern on the side that would be too heavily dependent on Cristiano Ronaldo. Austria, under Coach Marcel Koller, looked like the best team that will provide attractiveness in Group F. While Iceland and Hungary are still not expected to be able to give a surprise as Euro 2016 qualified nations.

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