Portugal and its EURO Record to Know


Portugal and its EURO Record to Know

Portugal and its EURO Record to Know – Many people often do not know why there are some European football-teams have a lot of fans and become the stars of international football. Of course, perhaps it is because they have a great record of the sport and it makes them getting a bunch of great appeal which makes a lot of people are interested in the team. It is a good idea to know about the performance of the teams. However, for the people who love football, it is really interesting to know any info about the football teams, especially about the international football championship which is going to be held this year in the middle of this year. The championship which is about the qualified teams in Europe is going to be held in France starts from 10 June – 10 July. That is really exciting to get the info about that event especially if we are always interested in knowing more about football especially for the international football competition. That is completely that interesting to really know about the event so much. That is because it is the great event which is only held once in four year so that it is awaited by almost all the fans of football. The event of EUFA EURO 2016 is getting closer since we need to wait only some months. That will be held from June 10 – July 10 in France. The processes of the preparation are almost perfect. We also already see the 24 countries as the teams that will play in France. Of course, all of them are totally that qualified since they are already passed the processes of the qualification to be in each group there.

There are six groups which divide the 24 countries. Of course, if you are football lovers, you have known well about those teams which have been qualified. One of the teams which are going to play in France for EURO ’16 is Portugal. That is also one of the favourite team in Europe. If you are one of the fans, of course you are interested in knowing about this team much more especially about the record of this team in EURO. That team has joined in this event of EURO starts from its first time in the year of 1960 but Portugal did not qualify. It happens until the EURO 1980. However, in EURO ’84, it can be the semi-finals and in 1996, they are in the quarter-finals. In EURO ’00, they become the semi-finals again. In ’04, they are the runners up for EURO. In 2008, then they are on the quarter-finals. For the last EURO in ’12, this team became the semi-finals.

The EURO ’16 is another great opportunity for Portugal to reach the success and victory in international football. That is because they have been well improved and they also have the higher chance to reach the great and best result in this year. Hopefully that becomes the really truth to happen as the result of this EURO. That becomes such a good thing to obtain by every team but firstly they have to do the best to face it well.


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