Southeast Asian Games

Southeast Asian Games

Southeast Asian Games is the abbreviation of SEA Games which is a various sport which is held every two years. It is involved by 11 countries in Southeast Asia. The rules of the games is made by Southeast Asian Games Federation and supervised by Southeast Asian Games Federation and Olympic Council of Asia. The purposed of this game is strengthening the cooperation and relationship among the countries in Southeast Asia.  The countries which join first in Sea Games are Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, and Singapore. Before the games called Sea Games, the committee of the games named the games is SEAP Games which stands for Southeast Asian Games Federation. The first SEAP Games was in Bangkok, Thailand from 12 to 17 December 1959 which was attended by more than 572 athletes and competed in 12 games sports. And then in 1975, the SEAP Games VIII, Indonesia and Philippine joined. And in 1977 SEAP Games officially changed the name as SEA Games.

Although Indonesia is not one of the countries which followed the SEA Games from the beginning, but Indonesia achievements in the sport arena in Southeast Asia can’t be underestimated. The first SEA Games in Bangkok on December 1959, Indonesia, and Indonesia hadn’t joined yet. Indonesia participated in 1977. Malaysia was the host at that time. However, Indonesia had been excelled the overall championship for nine times as the winner. Throughout the championship of SEA Games, Indonesia got the top medal in the first position as many as 3934 medals. In 1977, Indonesia became the host and won 194 gold medals. In the 19th SEA Games, Indonesia had gained the most gold medals. Indonesia became the host of SEA Games at the 26th SEA Games. There are 44 branches of sport competed in Palembang and Jakarta.

But in the other hand, Indonesia became the underdog in the Sea Games XXVIII in 2015 which is held in Singapore. In Singapore, Indonesia only collected 45 gold medals, 58 silver medals, and 74 bronze medals. In this SEA Games championship, Thailand became the champion. In the end of the championship, Indonesia was able to get two silver medals through the squash and basketball games. And for the volleyball championship, Indonesia got one bronze medal. But in the part of games, Indonesia was able to get four gold medals for badminton. And the badminton games run into the finals. Here there are the games which are supported in SEA Games 2015. They are archery, athletics, badminton, basketball, billiards and snooker, bowling, boxing, canoeing, cycling, diving, equestrian, fencing, floorball, football, golf, gymnastic (artistic), gymnastic (rhythmic), hockey, judo, netball, pencak silak, petanque, rowing, rugby, sailing, sepaktakraw, shooting, softball, squash, swimming, synchronised and swmming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, traditional boat race, triathlon, indoor volleyball, water polo, waterski & wakeboard, and the last wushu.

Actually in the 28th SEA Games, Indonesia was stuck at the number 5 of the list for the medal. The fact said that Indonesia collected 45 gold medals, 55 silver medals, and 69 bronze medals in the ninth day which are come from the branches of rowing, waterski, archery, tennis, pencak silat, taekwondo, and bowling. The rowing games contributed 4 gold medals.

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