The 5 Debutants of Euro 2016


The 5 Debutants of Euro 2016

The 5 Debutants of Euro 2016 – For some countries, the Euro 2016 will be more special than some others since it is their first time being qualified for the final tournament of one of the most prestigious football cup in the continent. There are five countries that make their debuts for this year’s Euro Championship, Albania, Wales, Slovakia, Iceland, and Northern Ireland. Many football player have quite a big expectation for these five debutant countries since they perform quite excellently in the qualifying matches. Here are a glimpse into the five debutants of the Euro 2016.

  1. Albania

The Albania team had played 8 times in the Euro 2016 matches with 4 won, 2 draws, 2 loss. Many people are surprised when Albania make the qualified team for the final tournament of this year’s championship since one of Albania’s match end up in violence. Albania finished behind Portugal in their qualification matches. Many people are also surprised since the Albania team very rarely shown up at the top European football league. However, fans of this team have big hope for the team which will need the experience to play in a league as big as this.

  1. Slovakia

The Slovakian team had played 10 games for the Euro 2016 with 7 win, 1 draw, and 2 loss. This will be the first time Slovakia play in the Euro Championship as a free nation and since the team is led by the best Slovakian player known to the world, Martin Skertel, there are much anticipated further surprises for the quite recently independent national team.

  1. Wales

Wales had played 10 matches in the Euro 2016 with 6 win, 3 draws, and 1 loss. The Euro 2016 is the second international tournament the country will participate in. In the qualifying match, Wales had to face Belgium and Bosnia, two of the most notable teams in the world. Even though Wales lost from Belgium, the team can score four points from their match and they also manage to hold Bosnia in the second place. Now, the team needs to work out on sorting their attacking line up for the team since their goal counts are amongst the lowest in the qualified teams for the final tournament.

  1. Iceland

Iceland had played 10 matches for Euro 2016 with 6 win, 2 loss, and 2 draws. The small nation of only about three hundred thousand population only narrowly miss out the qualification for the final matches in the World Cup two summers ago and now they can show their strength in the Euro Championship. Iceland finished second in the qualification for Group A, ahead from Netherlands and Turkey. The squad for the national team is considered young with only a few player above 30. If the Iceland team can put a good show in the 2016 Euro Championship, the country as well as the player will be more noticed throughout the world.

  1. Northern Ireland

The last debutant team for Euro 2016 is the Northern Ireland with 10 played game, 6 wins, 3 draws, and one loss. The Northern Ireland finally making put for the final tournament of the Euro after missing out back in 1984 and 1996. The qualification group the team was in was pretty balanced and in the end, Northern Ireland had manage the qualifications and join the final tournament teams.

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