The Great Record of Italy in EUFA EURO


The Great Record of Italy in EUFA EURO

The Great Record of Italy in EUFA EURO – When we are talking about football, we often think about the international football. Then, of course we are also talking about the strategies, achievement, success, and so on. They are completely that great and totally fun among people who are in love with football. If you are also in love with football, having a talk and discussion regarding to football is also such a fun thing. We can go getting a bunch of good thing and enjoy the wide ranges of the fun there. A lot of things can be obtained and of course we will find friends who have the same passion and hobby, which is football. Here, we are also talking about football and perhaps you can enjoy this discussion. In this early year of 2016, all football lovers are waiting for the great football event of the international championship. Sure, of course you have known what it is. That is about the great event of EUFA EURO Football Championship 2016 which is going to be held in France this year. It will start from 10 June up to 10 July. This once in 4 year football competition is always waited by all football lovers. Even though it will be begin in the middle of this year, the preparation is already started including the qualification matches which are also really exciting to be followed and that also result 24 teams to be playing in this event this year. They have been selected properly and of course they are totally that qualified because they can pass the process and now be the qualified teams of the group.

As we have said before, there are 24 countries that will play there in this great international event this year. They are divided to be played in six categories. Each category consists of four teams that will play. One of the 24 teams is Italy. The team is in Group E with three other teams. They are Belgium, Sweden, and Ireland Republic. They are going to play in the same group. Italy is one of the teams which are going to be in France to play in EURO ’16. It has a lot of fans among the football lovers. For the Italy lovers, you for sure feel so excited to face the event of EURO this year. Knowing about the team is also really great and fun to do. That is including knowing about the record of this team in EURO.

In the first EURO, which is in 1960, this team did not join yet to this competition. Then, in the second EURO, in ’64, it was join in this event but was not qualified. However, in the next opportunity in ’68, it reaches the great result as the winner of EURO ’68. That is a great achievement for this team even though in the two next EURO events in ’72 and ’76, it did not qualify. In 1980, it can reach the fourth place of EURO. Then, in the year of ’88, it became the semi-finals. In EURO ’00 and ’12, it becomes the Runners-up. That is such the great thing as the part of the record of Italy in the international event of EURO.


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