Things to Know when Playing AFA Domino Poker 99


Things to Know when Playing AFA Domino Poker 99


Things to Know when Playing AFA Domino Poker 99 – Poker seems to be the most favorite card games. It can be seen from its wide choices of online poker games available. There are many choices of them. But, not all of them offer you with quality and excitement. That’s why you must make sure that you play the best online poker game to get the most excitement and fun. One of the most popular poker games are AFA Domino Poker 99. If you never played it before, here are several things you must know about this game.

What is AFA Domino Poker 99?

AFA Domino Poker 99 is very popular in South East Asia. It can be installed on your Android so that you can play it anytime and anywhere you can. If you do not want to install it, you can play it on Facebook. Playing it on Facebook will enable you to share it with your friends. You can also challenge your friends to be your opponents.

How to play it?

This poker live game gives you a lot of bonus chips. When you log into this game for the first time, you will get a million bonus chips. With this onus chips, you can play this game to your heart content. This game is also pretty easy to play. First, you must click ‘join room’. After that, the dealer will give you three domino cards.

Once you got the cards, you can click ‘mix’ to combine the cards. If you seem to get good hands, you can click ‘Raise’ to raise your bet or ‘All in’ if you want to bet all your chips on it. If you do not have good hands, you can choose ‘Fold’ to stop playing the game.

If you do not choose to Fold, you will get another card. You can mix it again to get the best combination. After that, you can click ‘Ready’ to see who win the game. In playing this game, you must calculate your cards carefully. Playing a domino poker is not only about logic. It is also about luck. When you are not lucky, you must know when to stop so that you will not lose your chips.

Tips to win AFA Domino Poker 99

To win AFA Domino Poker 99 must calculate your cards. You must calculate your first two cards, the highest point is 9. If you get 19 in total, it means you get 9. You must also calculate the last the last two cards. If you also get 7 in total, it means you get 9 and 7. Your cards can be beaten by 9 and 8 or 9 and 9. There are other rules of Domino poker, such as big, small, twin, and six of the devil. Make sure that you understand about it.

Installing AFA Domino Poker 99

If you want to install it on your Android, you can get it for free. This card game can be installed on Android 2.0.1 or up. Installing it will enable you to play with only a tap away.


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