What to Know about Turkey with the Record of EURO


What to Know about Turkey with the Record of EURO


What to Know about Turkey with the Record of EURO – There are so many ideas which we can do if we are often feel boring doing our duties. Sometimes we have to deal with the need of the break time and enjoy the fun thing to spend the leisure time. Doing the fun thing is not that hard because we can enjoy something which makes us feel that really fun so that we can get refreshed. Reading and browsing some info and news about what we like or hobby is a good thing, for example getting the sport news related to our hobby of sport as like football. We can get the wide ranges of much fun there. Then, after having a break with such that fun thing, we can also get fresh and also ready to enjoy and continue doing our duties. If you are really in love with football, you will get the idea related to the event of EUFA EURO 2016. For sure, that becomes one of the most awaiting football events. Almost all people who are interested in football have got the information about this event. It will be really exciting even though we still need to wait couples of months until it gets started. The EUFA EURO this year is going to be held from 10 June to 10 July. Then, the event is going to be in France. The series of preparation is already done and of course it is still continuing. We can enjoy the info and updates related to such the preparation. For sure, it will be such that good thing to notice. That is including about the qualification processes which are really interesting to be enjoyed and have found the result.

There is some good information to know about this event. If you are really in love with football, you will find the info there. There have been 24 teams that qualify for EURO 2016. One of those teams or countries is Turkey which is in Group D with Czech Republic, Croatia, and also Spain. Of course, it is a good idea for us to know the complete thing regarding to each team which will play there. That is including knowing their record and background. It is including Turkey that is one of the qualified teams of EURO ’16. Turkey is participating EURO from its first event in ’60, but unfortunately until the year of ’92, they did not qualify to play for EURO.

Then, in EURO ’96, they are able to be in the position of group stage. That is a good improvement from the previous events of EURO. Then, in EURO ’00, they are on quarter-finals. In the year of 2008, they are able on the position of semi-finals of EURO. That is a great improvement and hopefully there will also be the great improvement for EURO this year in France since in the last EURO in 2012, they did not qualify. They have the formation of the squad with the qualified ones who are going to play for this event. Of course the players have been in the great processes of selections for doing the best.


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